Johnnie & Lacey Craig Wedding

At the beginning of July I had the opportunity to photograph Lacey & Johnnie's wedding here in Waterville. It was a great experience and the bride and groom were so easy to work with! I had so much fun with everyone and the wedding was gorgeous...not to mention the weather was perfect. Here are a few pictures:


NCW Fair Results 2010

Although it's a tad late for this post, it's time I do it. Last August I entered my photographs for a second year. On Saturday my parents came up with my nephews and that's when I found out the results of my pictures. Here are my two winners!

First Place Best of Show:
Douglas Lutheran Church - Built in the early 1900's

Second Place Best of Show:
Ryan salmon fishing at Rocky Reach Dam
It was a good year for my photographs! I was so surprised to see the results! Can't wait until next year, however I'm not sure how I could do better  :)

Stacey & Tyler

This fall I had the opportunity to take engagement photographs for a friend I've known since childhood. I had a blast and almost all of the pictures turned out AMAZING! Below are a few from the shoot:

The baby and the musician...

I recently had the chance to take pictures for a very dear friend. Her adorable little daughter, Evelyn, is almost a year old. We got to play with bubbles & balloons and enjoyed the outdoors!

I also had a chance to catch up with another old friend/co-worker. Leah is a musician. She is in the process of getting her website designed and asked me to take some photographs. We had a lovely time venturing around Ellensburg to find neat backdrops. Check out her website and listen to her music, she rocks!


Oldies but Goodies...

These were captured on a few of my first photo
excursions to find neat/unique items.
Do YOU have neat or unique items that would make
good photo art-pieces for your home?
Contact me at to set up
a time to turn your items into photo masterpieces!